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Default Nilgai - Lighter Arrow Success

Morning, TBH.

Iíve seen the (many) nilgai threads & am aware of how unbelievably tough they are. Iím familiar with the thought that heavier arrows & higher FOC will be better for penetration on these critters. With that being said, my question is this:

Has anyone here had success with lighter arrow setups?

Iím sitting just over 400gr, shooting pretty dang fast (no recent chrono speeds), at 28Ē and 70#. With Magnus Black Hornets, Iíve had pass through after pass through on WT, breaking ribs and rear scapulas along the way. I know shot placement is most important at the end of the day, but again, any success with lighter arrows on Nilgai?

Asking because I head to the Teniente Unit in less than a month and Iím ready to pull the trigger to have arrows built at >500gr with tougher BHs if needed.

Thanks in advance, and I hope people hunting Nilgai right now are finding success, too!! God bless yíall!
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