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Default Any German Luger experts on here???

A lot of 3 Lugers are up for sale. I was able to view them yesterday. One is a 1912 Erfurt model (pre WW1), another has GWM banner with minimal markings and the last is a 1942 stamped with the “Eagle L” and Mauser banner. Needing to know values. My homework revealed the GWM with “GERMANY” stamped on the side was probably produced in the early 20s and was a commercial grade for US sale. The 1942 with the Eagle L was a commercial grade made for the Nazi police or a high ranking official who wanted one? No holsters. The 1942 has a matching serial number magazine. The 1912 appears to have a broken spring. Cool stuff non the less. And way cool to have held them.

Looked on auction sites for prices but doesn’t seem to be selling at those prices
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