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Pope & Young
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Default Unique Bobcat Cubs sighting

My last morning out last week I saw something quite unusual. Of course I didn't have a camera so I will just have my memories to enjoy.

I've seen bobcats in the wild and have taken a couple.

But I have never seen a pair of bobcat cubs!!! As I was scanning my hunting area I saw one of them moving and pawing at the ground about 40 yards out. I glassed him and saw he wasn't alone. 2 of them. I bet they weren't 12 inches tall.

I understand they are soon to be predators and I have to admit the thought of taking them crossed my mind, but as I watched them play around with each other the more I understood that Mother Nature will always take care of herself.

I bet I watched them for an hour. I figured mama cat was somewhere around, but never saw her.

Pretty cool.
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Pope & Young
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About five years back, I had a momma cat and 4 cubs behind my stand at 30 yards. They played just like house cats rolling around and chasing each other. Never crossed my mind to shoot them but I did get some great video.

Cool experience.
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Ten Point
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Seriously, she was prob watching you.

One time I had three cubs of about that size following behind their mother. After she passed the three young ones actually walked under my three legged stool.
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