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Default Bare shaft tuning/ sight is maxed- out

2010 Elite Judge

Carbon Tech Cheetahs 55/80-300s (Iíve been shooting these for 5+ years)

100 grain field points (broadheads as well)

Spot Hogg Saturday Night Special release.

I shot for the first time in months today and was shooting field points to right of bullseye. The Copper John sight is adjusted as far as it goes towards the riser. So, I adjusted my Ripcord Code Red rest a little left. Arrows hitting now where Iím aiming now.

I shot a bare shaft a few times to compare, and itís hitting 5 inches left, entering at angle with nock to right of the tip.

To move the rest to the right (to correct bare shaft results) , my pin will need to move right- but itís max adjusted.

One solution would be to put washers between the sight and riser to gain some adjustment distance.

Another would be to change arrows/ tips and broadheads. Not what I want to do.

A third is to bring it to the pro shop who tuned it the last time (nicely done) and say ďtune it again, SamĒ.

Any other ideas?

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