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Ten Point
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Default Hill Country Bow Buck

I spent the last week at our little place in the Hill Country chasing deer and whatever else would get close enough.

After sticking a pig the first morning and seeing that the acorns were falling like rain I decided to steer clear of the feeders and hunt the oaks.

I had heard several turkeys in a little meadow between two creeks behind out camp and decided I would set up on them the following morning. Well nothing went according to plan....the turkeys came out, but would never get under 70 yards, I saw a really nice buck and a few does in the far northwest corner so I decided to set up there that afternoon.

Well as luck would have it the turkeys didnt show up...but the buck was back. Only bad thing was that he went right to where I was setup that morning and ate acorns with another smaller buck and a few does until I left well after dark. I contemplated setting back across the meadow, but talked myself out of it since he had been in the northwest corner the morning before. Well sure enough he again went straight to where I was set up the first morning then followed the wood line down the creek and never got within 80 yds of me.

During midday I searched for a place to setup for the evening hunt, but could not find a good tree nor a great place to put the pop up...but I did find a little lane that went unto the brush about 10 yds and would be shaded all afternoon. I decided to setup a little chair at the end of the lane and try my luck.

On my walk to the chair that afternoon I jumped up "my buck" bedded down 15 yds from where I was setup that morning and my heart sank. I knew I had just blew my chance for that afternoon but went on to the chair with my head hanging.

I kicked myself in the butt all afternoon...thinking about what I should have done different. Then at a little after 7 something catches my eye to the north and all I see are antlers moving my way. I came to full draw when his head went behind a patch of grass and held it for what seemed like an eternity but was only actually alittle over a minute. He finally positioned himself right at 33 yds and I sent the Rage flying. After following a blood trail a blind man could have seen I found him.

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