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Eight Point
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Default Rifle setup - zero stop and sight in

In the DFW area (Weatherford). I have recently gotten my long range rifle setup but need some expert advice/knowledge getting the finishing touches. I need to set the zero stop and sight in the rifle. It sounds simple, but I just want someone that does this sort of thing to be involved, which will probably reduce the amount of ammo needed to get this done.

Rifle details:
375 RUM custom rifle
Nightforce NXS 5.5-22 x 56
Nightforce rings
Barnes VOR-TX LR 270gr polymer tip
I also have some custom loads, but I'd rather sight in to these Barnes factory loads just for convenience of purchasing more in the future and not having to reload.

If anyone knows someone who is good at sighting in rifles and knows their way around this type of setup, please send my way or PM me. I would like a little instruction on using the adjustable turrets as well as matching up to the correct ballistics chart. etc. etc.
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I wouldn't base it off the ballistic charts solely. You should chronograph your loads and have good data for your ballistic app and/or rangefinder and dial moa. The zero stop is easy to set once your sighted in. Nightforce has a great detailed video on YouTube. Factory ammo is tough because there could be some serious velocity differences between shells and boxes
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Pull the bolt out of the rifle. Look down the bore at an object in your backyard. Adjust the scope until the crosshairs match the same object you see down the barrel. Site in the rifle at 100 yards. Watch the video above to adjust the zero stop.

As the post above mentiones, you’ll have to shoot at longer ranges to get your drop at each yardage.
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Four Point
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Meet me at a range, I'll walk you through it. Send me a pm, we'll work it out.
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Nightforce is one of the easier scopes to set the zero stop. Just set a few clicks below zero so you can adjust for elevation change if you get to hunt at higher altitudes in the future.
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