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Default Cultipacker Rebuild

So picked up a a four foot cultipacker from a TBH member to pull behind an ATV. Was a nice find and as always, a great TBH member to deal with - thanks Bret

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When purchased I anticipated that I would be changing the bearings. However, when I got it apart I realized that the bearings were wood bearings. Never seen that before. After some internet research, found that they were originally maple bearings that they would soak in Lin Seed Oil. The bearing holders were worn and oblong so they really were not usable.

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Since the option to replace the wood bearings was not realistic (which I did find a maker on the internet) decided to go a different route, I figured I would fix forever.

So I decided to get some new 3/8 inch steel places made that would hold modern day bearings.

Also found a broken wheel, so ordered a replacement.

The shaft was in bad shape since the old wood bearings were long gone.

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