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Originally Posted by BTLowry View Post
Does a limited trustee equate to a responsible person when purchasing an NFA item?
In my case "limited trustee" only has right to possess and/or transport property in the trust. Cannot buy or sell
I am under the impression that they do but I recently read where someone bought an item and thy were the only one (assuming they were settlor) required to submit photo and fingerprints

Wondering if I am wrong or they could potentially get in a bind down the road.

Pretty sure I can get an answer here
My understanding is after July 2016 the limited trustee thing no longer works. I too had one of Sean's gun trust. After that time anyone with the right to possess a NFA item is considered a responsible person. If they are listed in the trust when submitted to the ATF you will have to submit the questionnaire, finger prints and passport photo. If you are the only trustee on your trust then you would need to submit only your info when applying for a tax stamp. I paid $79 and had my trust redone by So far they have been very helpful. Their system is pretty automated so the turnaround is frequently less than ten minutes.
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