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Originally Posted by 3whunt View Post
Anybody know of a decent photo album where I can store pics and time dates easily? Itís for my 13 year old. Heís up to 25 deer and unknown number of hogs. I need to get this done soon as I wonít be able to remember the year/season of kill much longer.

Just something basic is fine.
I started keeping a photo album with all my hunting and fishing pictures trips/experiences I have had. I just bought a photo album off of Amazon and after every hunting season and summer, I do a photo dump to CVS or Walgreens and get them all printed. Just use a sharpie and write details on the back of the photo or buy the album that has spaces at the bottom of each "photo slip" to write down details. I leave the album on our entertainment center and constantly find myself picking it up to go thru it and relive memories.
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