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It depends on the bow company and what you want.

Pretty much across the board I have heard that Winner's Choice has gone down hill since being bought by the same company that owns Elite bows, and that is what Elite uses.

However, I have used Prime strings and they are great if all you want is black.

Hoyt custom shop has great strings, and you can order them in different colors, but the wait time seems to be much longer than other custom string makers.

I have either personally used or installed Gas, Catfish, Korbins, Vapor, 60X, Texas Twisted and few other custom strings and they have all been great.

Having said that, I make my own string most of the time because it is another aspect of archery I enjoy; but I generally do not make string for other people unless I need to in order to help correct a tune on a specific bow.

On my Prime I shot the factory strings until time to replace, then I bought a new set from Catfish and then I made my own for the third set. If I shot a bow from say Elite, I think I would change the strings as soon as I could to a higher quality string, and I definitely would on a Mathews as I am not a fan of their counter rotated bundles.
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