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Originally Posted by Hills of Texas View Post
Are they cast or jacketed. Im not at the house but could check my manuals when I get home
these are cast .. this weekend, i tried some 124 and 158 cast from back in the days when i used to shoot revolver competitions and they shoot like crap in it (3" at 50 yards).. then again they were light loads for speed plate and i was loading them in a thrower as fast as i could make them.. they were by no means made for precision ..

i'd like to get these to shoot under an inch at 50 .. and stay subs ..

there is not much out there for 190's in a 38 case .. 357 case would probably be worse as more unnecessary volume.. and i have thousands of 38 cases from way back when.

i have bullseye (very little left), unique, trailboss, hp38 , WSF, WST , red dot , titegroup, and maybe some others i don't even recall at the moment ..

for sure if you can find some load data on any of these let me know , i'll load a few and try.

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