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Originally Posted by GBludau View Post
Dang so you've been running an ebike since before they were permitted? I say that because I thought they were first permitted on the 2019 hunts. I could be wrong.

What about the tires do you prefer? The larger mountain bike wheels?
Yep, since 2017. The paperwork for the hunt stated "no motorized carts or wagons". It did say you could use a bicycle but didnt specify what kind so I used an ebike. If I had gotten a ticket for it I would have fought it in court and I believe I would have won on that technicality. Regardless, they allow them now so it doesnt matter.

As far as the tires go I found a company that sells puncture proof inner tubes but they dont make them for 4" wide tires so I needed a bike with a regular tire size.
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