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Default Lighted nocks suggestions

Are nockturnals still the favored go to for trad lighted nocks? Im in the market for acquiring some lighted nocks.

Ive a set of glory nocks. Ive used them during practice and hunting before. The nocks have a tendency to turn on when I draw back…3 under on 60” bow. I allow that the string angle and nock throat depth play a crucial roll in this union and have found the shallow throat of S nocks dont play well with my setup. I shot a doe a couple seasons ago with the glorys and she immediately flopped and the nock stabbed into the soil subsequently turning it off…however she was down for the count. After that I got away from using them.

Ive read the past threads and it doesnt seem that this topic has been rehashed since about 2017.

Thanks for your suggestions and any guidance.
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