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Battle Born batteries are pretty much the cream of the crop right now! They are some amazing batteries!

I thought about getting a shunt setup for the cargo trailer but for right now, I’m gonna pass. It won’t be used often enough for me to have to monitor the battery level that closely.

I too am relatively new to lithium batteries. When the lockdowns started last year I had to stay at home(was a school bus driver) but still got paid. So I bought a bunch of used 18650 batteries and started experimenting. I’ve learned a lot but still have a lot to go.

One thing that completely confused me this afternoon is I just got back from testing the battery voltage. So last night at this time, the battery was at 14.6 volts. So I turned on 2 fans along with two 12 volt work lights. The battery voltage right now is 14.5 volts!!!! Maybe the battery had a surface charge of 14.9 volts and then settled to 14.6 volts once that surface charge was used up? I’m not sure.

So I left the fans and lights on. Tomorrow at this same time we will see where the battery is at.
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