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Default The War Against Wild Orange (Trifoliate Orange)

The property is plagued with trifoliate orange aka wild orange. Soil improvements have come leap and bounds and it's time to shift our focus from that to improving natural browse and cleaning up invasives the best we can.

We cannot run a control burn and we cannot get a skid steer in there with a mulcher.

I have roughly 40-50 acres that need to treated. What is the most time efficient way you all have found to manage it? I figured hack and spray maybe the best with a backpack sprayer. To think a couple years ago my old man and I thought we could get in there with chainsaws and machetes to clear it - HAH!

Are there any crews that will come in and help run a hack and squirt? I figured a team could run through it faster hacking and squirting wild orange, yaupon, and honey suckle in one shot. If anyone has contact info for that kind of thing that would be great. Google searches turned up nothing.

This may be a great job opportunity for the local kids after deer season when the weather isn't too hot . I just don't see my old man and I effectively covering that much acreage by ourselves with machetes and backpack sprayers.
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