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Originally Posted by SwampGhost View Post
I agree with you there about the First Shot

Gary Id rather be able to hunt more than the opposite. I really do enjoy the 3D shoots and Im fortunate my work schedule allows me to do both
So I guess I need to say, since both you and Rick commented on the FSC, and I've heard the same from one or two others, that Rick is the only one I remember participating in the FSC in the past who doesn't like the current way it's working.
Now I don't disagree with y'all and I may be the person who threw the monkey wrench in the machine with a challenge trying to emphasize the difference a warm up shot can make.
But if the format were to revert back to a true one shot only would you guys be participating?
Personally I can't always shoot and times like now when I'm not shooting much I take warm up shots before a sit for pigs.
But I also recall it always being the same few shooters and interest really dwindled.

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