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Originally Posted by bloodtrail18 View Post
My logic is that I've seen many people, myself included, draw from a holster and hesitate on the first shot because their dot isn't showing up in the glass because their grip was off on the draw. I'm strictly talking first shot from the draw which in a defensive situation is the most important shot.

The difference with irons and red dots on rifles is that you have a quick reference point to get lined up and shoot. On a pistol you will see your iron sights no matter how bad your grip is. On a rifle with any optic you have the gun mounted on your shoulder and cheek weld on the stock, there is no comparison to a pistol there.

I don't care how much you practice, when it's go time and you have to pull a pistol from whatever CC holster you choose you'll be lucky at best to get a good grip and fire a quick lethal shot with a red dot. That's all assuming your dot works and you don't snag it on clothing coming out of the holster.

In regards to match results, I mentioned in an earlier post that follow up shots and transitions between targets are much faster with a dot hence the faster stage times over irons. Take a look at the times from the timer beep to the first shot. Irons line up faster for a first shot but have to be realigned for consecutive shots whereas the dots will stay visible in the lens after recoil and get back on target quicker.
Serious question here. You’re saying even with a bad grip and bad slide angle that you can like up both iron sights faster than a single dot?

Or is it because you’ve practiced much more with irons than an optic and know how to adjust quicker?
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