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Originally Posted by bloodtrail18 View Post
Remember these "high speed" guys are carrying their weapons in a duty holster and most often have their weapons drawn well in advance of initial contact with a suspect or treat. You and I will most likely be drawing from concealment in an unexpected high stress situation.
That's completely false. These "guys" "units" don't clear houses with pistols. These are all secondary guns. If they have to use them, Crap has hit the fan and they need to make a shot just as fast as "you and me". It sounds like you're just trying to justify why you're not as fast with a red dot as irons. Its lack of training man. If it was slower for everyone, than nobody would be running them. The guys I shoot with who have switched all said the same thing at first. It takes time and training.

Also, there's tons of company's who make IWB concealment holsters for carry optics.

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