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Default Mosseberg Shockwave,Remington Tac-14....

Or the Semi Automatic version by Remington? Do any of y'all have any of these guns,would you recommend any of them? Since they came out with these things I've thought about buying one. My only worry is, are they very practical?

The main reason I'd want one is so while I'm predator huntin I can carry a rifle and a shotgun and cut down on weight quite a bit. Since I hunt solo I have to carry all the gear and if I'm lucky I'm carrying a coyote or bobcat back with me. So I feel like one of these would come in handy for close up coyotes without lugging around a shotgun with a 20+ inch barrel and a stock plus a rifle and having to fight my gear the whole way. The only draw back I see is I don't think any of them are set up to where you can use a screw in choke so I'm not sure about how well they would pattern out to 35 yards.

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