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donpablo 05-18-2022 02:20 PM

T-En Cino Ranch
Anyone ever heard of this place?

Redfeathers 05-18-2022 04:17 PM

There was and I believe still is a Encino Ranch outside Angelo, not sure that’s what you are looking for.

donpablo 05-18-2022 09:02 PM


Hoping someone has been so I can get some intel.

RutnBuk 05-18-2022 09:34 PM

I know one of the guides

Edit, Wrong ranch. I dont know any of the guides. Ive met the owner a few times though. I used to live next door to the place as well.

BOBSTER 05-22-2022 11:17 AM

I am going to bet this place is not in operation anymore since the pics are more than 10 years ago.

donpablo 05-26-2022 10:44 AM

I left a message a while back and he just returned it the other day... while I was away from my phone. Lol. He left a message and they still offer hunts. I tried calling again but no answer. :D Phone tag.

donpablo 06-07-2022 10:27 AM

They’re still open. Best way to get a hold of him is through text. Their prices have changed slightly but he’s locked out of the website and cannot update them. He’s charging $300 for an axis or fallow doe along with a $200/day day rate which includes lodging and meals or a $100/day day rate with no lodging or meals. Unfortunately, he has shot his limit of does this year.

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