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trophy8 04-07-2021 09:52 PM

AGM Rattler owners. Input needed
A buddy asked me to post this here. He’s thinking about buying one for crossbow hunters. But is concerned about hunters not being able to make a 10-15 yard shot on the base mag.

Request. Can someone take a picture through theirs of sag, their dog at 10 yards and what it would look like?

Anybody set up a thermal on a crossbow? I’ll send him the link here. Thanks for the help!

He’s concerned the 35mm has too high of a base mag. This is the main one he’d like to see.

Antlers86 04-07-2021 09:59 PM

Easily be done and 10-15 yd shots won’t be a problem. Deer or pig will almost take up the whole screen at 10 yds but 15 you can see everything. Either way shots can be made easily.

No Rattler in my possession but the Hogster 35 and Super Hogster 35 both are similar and I’m basing the info above off of them.

Plan to purchase a Rattler for my son on his gun and crossbow.

Antlers86 04-07-2021 10:05 PM

3 Attachment(s)
Super Hogster just now at 10, 15 and 20. Rattler will be very similar.

I didnít NUC before pics so a little grainy.

Outdoor Legacy 04-07-2021 11:18 PM

Great pics Antlers, that's really helpful.

For 10-15 yard crossbow shooting he needs to get the Rattler 25. For mostly under 100 yard shooting, the 25 is the way to go. 1.5x base mag and a much wider FOV. The FOV on the 35 is 52ft at 100 yards and it's 78ft at 100 yards on the 25.

So let's break down the FOV math.

52' @ 100 yards
26' @ 50
13' @ 25
6.5' @ 12.5

78' @ 100 yards
39' @ 50
19' @ 25
9.75' @ 12.5

I know some people will look at that and say "that's only 3.25' wider on the TS25 at 12.5 yards, that's not enough to matter." That's incorrect. It's 33% more FOV in the TS25, I wouldn't shrug that off, especially when you're talking about shooting at extremely close distances.

I hope that info helps. Tell him to call me if he needs more help and has more questions. (877)350-1818 - Outdoor Legacy


gingib 04-08-2021 07:57 AM

Can easily be done with a 35MM

I would not go any tighter FOV though

trophy8 04-08-2021 08:23 AM

Thanks guys!

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