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Tgk0427 06-20-2022 09:28 PM

Yellow-Crowned Night-Heron
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Down the green belt drainage.

redleif 06-20-2022 10:33 PM

Never seen one of those. Thanks for sharing.

CoachS 06-20-2022 11:06 PM


Bill M 06-21-2022 04:13 AM

Nice shots.

Hogmauler 06-21-2022 04:46 AM

Always wondered what those were. See em at our neighborhood lake occasionally

BowhunterB 06-22-2022 02:40 PM

Used to see several of those along the Riverwalk in SA. Would often find piles of crawfish shells after the Herons had finished a meal. Pretty cool and nice pics!

SMF 06-22-2022 03:02 PM

They showed up in my neighborhood a year or two ago and started nesting in the trees. Good sized tank a mile or two away and a creek about the same distance. Not sure where they were getting all the crawfish from but they were making a mess in my neighbors driveway. They are pretty loud too. This is in Leander, Tx.

Bill M 06-22-2022 03:11 PM

They are pretty wide spread. I have photographed them in a small city park pond in College Station.

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