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BrandonA 11-18-2021 05:39 PM

Foot Surgery Update
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Instead of typing it all out again I took a screen shot.

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Johnny Dangerr 11-18-2021 06:06 PM

Good luck...

rtp 11-18-2021 06:07 PM

Love the attitude.....best of luck with the journey to get back to 100%!

bboswell 11-18-2021 06:08 PM

Hoping the best for you Brandon

CabezaBlanca 11-18-2021 06:36 PM

What are the details of the injury, besides you fell off the ladder?

doghouse 11-18-2021 06:55 PM

Once again. Good luck!

3ChordTruth 11-18-2021 07:02 PM

That’s the spirit Brandon. Most of the things you will be missing out on now are things you can catch up on in the future when you get that foot back to working right. Sorry about missing Riley in Vegas, that’s a tough one for sure. Lord, please watch over Brandon during the surgery and heal him completely during his recovery.

texan16 11-18-2021 07:03 PM

Do what the Doc's tell you and work your *** off in rehab and you will be just fine. Why the hell you want to run is beyond me (Im 53,in pretty decent shape but have no desire to run anymore), but I get what you are saying.

BrandonA 11-18-2021 07:27 PM


Originally Posted by CabezaBlanca (Post 15944233)
What are the details of the injury, besides you fell off the ladder?

Severe LizFranc fracture

CabezaBlanca 11-18-2021 07:30 PM


Originally Posted by BrandonA (Post 15944309)
Severe LizFranc fracture

Had to look that one up. I wish you a speedy recovery!

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Mudslinger 11-18-2021 08:48 PM

Hoping for the best for you. I understand your concern on running. Broke my foot running and have not run since although they told me the break, 5th metatarsal on my right foot would be stronger now, but I still do not run.

Burnadell 11-18-2021 11:10 PM

Let's go, Brandon :eek: (and get that foot fixed)! ;)b

I'm sorry, buddy; I couldn't resist! :D:D:D

91cavgt 11-19-2021 04:42 AM

After my first of 5 foot surgeries, my doctor told me that I would have to use a cane for the rest of my life. He was wrong. Doctors don’t always know the outcome and there are thousands of people who are living proof of that. You WILL be one of those.

My prayers go out to you. Recovering from a major foot surgery is not easy but you’ve got this! I’m down to 5 screws in my foot and have 6 bones that had to be fused to make 3 bones. Send me a PM if you need to chat or want a pep talk. You’ve got this!

TCB 11-19-2021 07:27 AM

Keep your faith and maybe get a 2nd opinion. My 17yr old son tore his LizFrank ligament in late April that required surgery (2 actually) and he's back playing football. He's not 100% and we do nightly stretches on his ankle/foot but he's playing pretty much pain free.

Injuries may not be apple to apple, but to say you'll never run again seems extreme.

salth2o 11-19-2021 07:30 AM

Prayers for a full and speedy recovery.

SaltwaterSlick 11-19-2021 10:20 AM

Dang Brandon, just saw this thread and went back and read the other one too... Sure sorry you are having to go through this!! I know how much it means to you to be with and support Riley in her riding events!! You've raised her right. She'll be just fine! Just be sure somebody videos her winning rides so you can watch them!!
Best of luck to you and Riley both! I will pray for complete healing as the Lord guides all your care-givers to do their best work!
Hang in there brother!

91cavgt 11-22-2021 05:01 AM

How are you doing?

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