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Eight Point
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Default Free coyote hunting or trapping. San Antonio

Hunting 60 acres on a dirt road/ open area outside Timberwood park. Lots of coyotes moving in due to urban development. Theyíve been coming in my yard eating my chickens. If you leave a deer lay a couple hours out here itís gone. Anyone that actually has experience and enjoys it DM me. Or post pointers on best methods for removal.

Thank you.
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Eight Point
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Hey bud down here in Jim Wells county they actually have a program run by the state. You sign up your farm and they send a trapper out there to put snares and hog traps if needed. They go by and check them often they will even exterminate hogs at night if the damage is that bad. My uncle is employed with them and he is always busy down here

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Mr. Redlabels
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Hey buddy,

Iím up here by TPC and Evans Rd., just the other night I heard the coyotes howling. Hadnít heard them til recent.

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Pope & Young
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PM sent
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