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Default Best backpack style rifle sling

Want to find a backpack style rifle sling that distributes weight, doesn’t slip and cures most of the ills of carrying a rifle when not strapped to a backpack. Any help would be appreciated!
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The best solution I have found, is to strap it in a back pack. I have not found a sling, that does not allow the rifle to move or slide around when hiking or climbing. Once I found a backpack I could strap my rifle to, that fixed all the problems I had for years, with carrying a rifle. It's very quick to get the rifle out of the backpack. I take the backpack off, lay it on the ground, unstrap the rifle, then often I use the backpack as a rest.
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Just got this one and it's really great. Distributes weight well through the waist strap of the pack.

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Sew a button on your backpack shoulder strap, place sling on shoulder inside of button and it will keep your rifle from sliding off.

Other option, I don’t know the exact name but I call it a tote or caddy. Your back pack holds the butt, then the forearm/barrel goes under your arm held by a strap attached to the shoulder strap. Kifaru makes some as well as some other brands. The fastest and easiest way to carry a rifle at the ready buy out of the way.
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