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Pope & Young
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Default Tell me about the Canon 7D

I've really enjoyed using the Canon 40D that my dad loaned me, but I have found that its a heavy beast and the low FPS make it difficult for me to take action shots...aka my 18 month old running through the leaves. Also, I wanted a camera that had better weather resistance so I can take it with me in the outdoors as that's really what I enjoy. So today I ordered a used 7D through Adorama. I had an Excellent rating and I got it for 300 bones so I took the gamble. From what I've read the 7D is a good outdoors camera since its weather sealed. My BIL and FIL run 7D Mark IIs but I am not dropping that kind of coin on one.

Whats your thoughts on the 7D?
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Pope & Young
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I have one. Great camera. I used it for all my son's high school sports. Loved it. I still have it, but I also have a 6D now. I'm mostly shooting landscapes with the 6D now, just because I have it. But the 7D does great for that as well.
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Eight Point
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Default Make sure you compare.....

the 7D and the 7D Mark II.

Mark II apparently has added a lot of new capability.
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