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Pope & Young
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Default Odd Question Maybe???

So I have my dads 30-06 that has been past down. Been a safe queen for the last 15 years, but I'm thinking of taking her out. I have some older ammo that my grandfather reloaded for him. But just picked up 5 boxes of 180 gr, Nosler Partitions (the reloads are 180 gr soft point) and I have another scope I'm probably going to put on it.

I also have a new 300 win mag, that I still need to put a scope on.
My question is should I look to 200 gr or 180 gr ammo for it, since I'll have the 180 in the 30-06? Or does it really matter? I know shoot both and see what shoots best ...

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As you stated already, see which pill it likes and stick with that
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