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Default Age help please

A little back story first, Im pretty sure I dropped a son of this guy opening Saturday evening. Weve had eyes on both of them for over 2 years now. I did have to use a rifle as I blew out my left shoulder when I was 20 and never had it fixed, its been acting up since the cold front blew in right before Halloween and it still doesnt feel right so no way was I taking a chance on it holding out if I drew back.

All that said, please take a look at this guy. There are two others in the background for reference.

I have him as a solid 6 and possibly older. I believe the one I took two weeks ago to be in the 4 year old range and I honestly thought that deer was the one pictured above but that one was keeping his head down in hand corn as he worked his way closer.

Im trying to get my 17 year old daughter in this one next weekend, itll be the first chance shes had to get out at any point this year as shes been working and had to schedule the time off over 2 weeks in advance due to the holiday.

I know hes legal and at least on the mature side but all thoughts and opinions are appreciated.

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Probably older
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FULLY mature.

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