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Pope & Young
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I have been shooting an HHA single pin for several years now... I also just set up a new bow and decided to go with a fixed pin set up to play around with... Currently I have one of each on my two bows (fixed pin and single pin)...

As for the single pin, 98% of my hunting is from a stationary blind/treestanbd, etc where I know what my shot ranges are and the single pin is great as I can set the pin in the middle of my shooting range and that has served me well as I do not have to worry about moving the pin during the hunt...

As mentioned, I bought a fixed pin sight to set up my new bow just to play around with fixed pins again... Have not decided which bow will be my go to and which one will be my back up yet...

But really liking the idea of the new 2015 CBE TEK Hybrid Pro, which is a multi pin adjustable sight... Ordered that one this week in a 3 pin arrangement to try out in place of the HHA single pin... Best of both worlds to me!
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Eight Point
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I made the switch from muilti to single 2 years ago. I have a single pin and loved it. Problem happened when I drew back on a deer and he then spooked and moved a little farther in range. I was uncomfortable using my 20 on a 30 yard shot and my bow is not setting the world on fire with speed
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Nubbin' Buck
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I liked having a single pin because of the uncluttered sight picture and everything else like a lot of people have said but when it comes down to it in the heat of the moment with the adrenaline pumping are you going to be able to dial in your slider if the range of the animal changes all of a sudden? I've messed up a few times with my single pin
May just be me to blame.I've switched to a 5 pin mbg accent and it is perfect bcuz I still have that long range capabilities and don't have to worry about moving it 20-70yds.
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Ten Point
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Originally Posted by jjaimes View Post
Never again will I go back to the struggles of a Multi Pin.
I have been shooting single fixed pin for 8 years. Set it for 25 yd. And shoot out to 40 no problems.
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Ive been looking at going to a single pin sight as well. Have always shot multi pin sights but I keep seeing people rave about the single pin options and it has defiantly caught my attention.
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Default Anyone made the switch

Originally Posted by AustinBowhunter View Post
I'm playing with the idea of switching to a single pin sight. There sure does seem to be a lot of people who have made the switch and decide never to go back.

Well, with money as tight as it is, switching to a new sight isn't something that I want to do flippantly. I'm wondering, has anyone ever switched back to multi pin after shooting a single pin sight? If so, why?
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Funny I posted about how I liked my multi Made the switch to spot hog with the double single pin HA HA love it elk stand stalking you name it . I never thought I would BTW my old sight had a broken pin and I could not find a replacement with that fiber optic .

the single double is 20-40 for my bow
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