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Default 2 Videos, older footage

Almost every shot that I have taken with a bow, while hunting, is saved on a hard drive. Just recently I started to edit and post (itís about time). Iím currently working with the oldest footage that I have. Some of the old footage is low resolution, and not much thought went into what I was capturing. So, with minimal footage, and a few still pictures, I am able to create a very short ďhunting storyĒ on video. Below are two short videos created with low resolution footage that I have. They are almost not even worth mentioning, but yeah, Iím mentioning them. 
Everything I have from 2011 to present is shot in 1080 HD video, so much better quality. I am working on my editing skills, and should be creating some better videos over time. In the meantime, check out the videos, and please give some feedback.

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