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bryan sandlin
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Default ice storm odd thing

here is something that happened during the ice storm that took a while for me to find.
3 weeks ago the weather was better than fair for a go at the BAR B QUE smoker. as I have did for the last 6-7 years, the very same amount of charcoal was started in the chimney, poured in the pit after fully started. but this time the pit did not go to 250. only 180 deg. well, I though that it may be damp. added more charcoal. chicken, ribs looked done after just 1 hour not the 2.5-3 normal cooking time. charcoal was added as normal to keep 250. now the ribs and chicken look very over cooked at 3 hours.
the thermometer on the smoker said 225 but the real temp inside was 325. the only thing that I can come up with is the 3 days of 12 and 14 deg temps broke it. looked at it last week while the outside temps were at 80. the thermetor was below 50
sorry for the rant. messed up 30.00 worth of good food.
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Pope & Young
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I have conceded the fact that my 7 burr oak seedlings were victims of that storm

Also wiped out everything my wife had in the greenhouse. Power out for 39 hours and temps down to nearly zero during that time was non survivable for nearly everything in there
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Not after this past freeze but had a similar situation last summer. Needed a couple of briskets for an event last summer. So I ran down to the camp house, seasoned the meat, go the pit holding at 220, threw on the meat, drank beer watched temp till about 3:00 am. (I never open the pit until Iím done.) at 3:00 all looked good and the briskets should have been ready to rest about 6:00. Took a nap, woke up at 6:00 open the pit to to see my 2 perfectly smoked briskets look like 2 lumps of charcoal about the 1/4 of the size that they started. I have 2 thermometers on the pit now.
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Pope & Young
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You really need a thermo pen so you can go off of internal temp instead of time cooked or the look
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Meat thermometer would help in the future. I bought one with the transmitter so you go inside the house and read the temp when you want.
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i have several digital meat thermometers with the remote probe on top of the smoker temp.
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