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Default Heavy points and inserts

I know this has been beaten to death, so Iíll be brief. Iím hunting with 45-50# traditional bows and have been contemplating using heavy inserts to accompany my 145 grain broadheads. Iím using Gold Tip traditionals and have a question regarding gluing the inserts and tuning my broadheads. What glue is everyone using for their inserts nowadays? Iíve always used Fer-L-tite on aluminum without an issue , but on carbon shafts Iíll have to heat up the inserts to tune the broadhead.

Will a hot melt glue gun work to secure inserts, and will a hair dryer work loose up inserts to turn broadheads?

Was thinking of using my Fer-L-tite and just using a hot field point to turn the inserts as needed to align my 2 blade broadheads.
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I use bohning ferr-l-tite on my easton axis 5mm with 125 grain Ethics adjustable outserts with 125 grains tips with zero issues. I do however use Easton Hit Insert Epoxy on my hunting arrows for a little extra strength.
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I use kimsha glue, works great on everything Iíve used it on. Pulls out when you need it to. I use lighter, you can also use boiling water method

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I use "cool melt" glue. It's a blue colored stick that melts (as the name implies) at a lower temp than fer-L-tite. Holds just as well.

To remove an insert, you just put a field point in and apply heat to the insert. The cool melt comes loose quickly compared to fer-L-tite and so helps not to overheat the carbon shaft.
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I’ve been using the blue “cool melt” on everything from woods to carbons to aluminum and it works great. I was a little skeptical at first but it’s real tough stuff, and so easy to remove. Just been using the heat gun, but I’m pretty sure a hair dryer would do the trick.
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