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Default Where to Start Scouting in SHNF? Help and Advice Appreciated.

Hey all.

I am going to hunt hogs in SHNF. Public land is my only option since I dont know anyone here in Texas. I have to stay close to Spring, maybe no more than 1.5 hours drive away.

Anyway, Im brand new to this, Ive never hunted hogs before and I need to learn as much as I can. I would absolutely love to take a BIG, GNARLY, MEAN, Boar to show my pals back home in West Virginia. Its hard to tell how much bragging I could get out of that. No hogs back there!

What Id like to get is som general info on where the best places to start looking would be. You know SHNF is HUGE... I have no clue where to even start my looking for a place to hunt there. Other WMAs that are relatively close are also possible for me. Im NOT asking for anyones Honey Hole or Secret Spot. Id just like to get some ideas and advice on where I should start looking that would give me the best chance at an opportunity to get a shot with my recurve at a decent hog.

If you can help, I sure would appreciate it. I need all the help I can get.

Thank you all kindly for your time and any advice you care to give.

Have a good week.
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Hard to tell you where exactly to scout, but right now Id use OnX or google maps to find some oak bottoms and scout where there are acorns. Deer and hogs will be running those spots. If you feel like driving to the DCNF I could send you a spot where I know hogs will be, not very familiar with the Sam. The DC is just under 2 hours from spring, I live here as well

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A couple of things.

1) I hope you still brag when you shoot a football sized hog off of public land... because public land hunting down here ain't easy.

2) Do some online research about how to identify hog sign vs deer sign.

3) Hogs will move out when pressured. So hogs can be anywhere at any given time.

4) Hogs like water, like shade, and food. So find the acorns... look for rooting... and find some darker/thicker areas.

5) Plenty of maps online that outline the Sam... and google earth will show you lots like creeks, ponds, etc.

6) Start somewhere... anywhere and start looking for the sign that hogs are in the area. Always have your bow and be ready to shoot something.

7) Hogs like to go nocturnal when pressure is high... and well... it is hunting season man, so there are a lot of folks running the woods right now hunting. Oh and be mindful of that when you are out scouting... you might very likely walk through somebody's setup... so... be ready for those encounters.

8) Hmmm... what else... other than that... you got a lot of research ahead of you. Hogs are everywhere they are. No set area. And since you can't bait em... you gotta put in the footwork to find them.
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Four Point
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Thank you both for your suggestions and ideas. I appreciate you taking the time.

Yeah, the last thing I’d want to do is walk right thru someone’s deer or hog setup. That would really stink. I think I’ll research things online until the deer hunting slows down where I won’t run into anyone that might only get out to hunt 1 time a month or so or it’s a disabled vet that’s worked hard to get out and get set up to go on a deer hunt in SHNF. I’d feel awful if I disturbed a hunter and maybe ruining his spot and his day of hunting.

I was looking at an online map today and it seemed like the SAM had houses and roads going everywhere in the place. I was looking at areas around the top end of Lake Conroe and another smaller lake to the SW of Lake Conroe, but not that far away. Houses and development all over.

I’ve heard that the Stubblefield area is a good area to look.

As for DCNF, I won’t rule it out going there. I wouldn’t mind driving their if I get a decent shot at seeing hogs and just maybe getting a shot at one.

Oh, one more thing. As for the bragging on a football sized hog.....HECK YEAH I’d be running my big mouth about it to my buds back home. You can rest assured on that. I would brag to my friends back home if I were able to take a hog the size of a field mouse!!

Have a great weekend guys and gals! I appreciate your help.

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