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Default Hitch Mounted Deer Lifter

After hurting my back in a car wreck last November, I needed to find a way to pick up heavy game. The contraption is on my truck for fitting but will live on my Bronco II lease vehicle.

I ordered a crank up lifter from Sportsmanís Guide but the crank was junk so I replaced it. I also used a cheap hitch riser from harbor freight welded in the highest position plus a receiver welded to it where the ball would screw in. Finally, a double receiver added to that. I had to cut the square tubing on the lifter where it goes into the receiver bc was too long. Itís designed to be used on a truck with the tail gate down.

I chose to use the basket and lifter together for two reasons. I didnít want game swinging back and forth as I drove back to camp. I was also worried about the entire weight of a big axis or Aoudad on the lifter while driving. I can crank up the animal and lower it partially into the basket to help with both concerns.

The only issue I foresee is that the curved steel bar where the ball would have been could bend under pressure. I may need to support it better but thatís a quick fix.

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Nice set up and you will like it. I pulled a groin muscle lifting a 100lb doe and I am in decent shape. It was enough misery for me to get the hitch hoist from everlast and I love that thing.

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