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Default Amistad?

Originally Posted by justletmein View Post
Looks like it was maybe skinned and quartered? 3 carcasses, peeps been busy! Then again I talked to a guy last year at the boat ramp, said he and his buddy shot and drew blood from 6 bucks that week and recovered zero. Told me all about shooting one running, a 65 yard shot, shot through brush, blah blah blah. Thought he was full of poo til I went back and walked through where he told me he was hunting while on the way to my normal area and sure enough blood trails and orange tape everywhere. I didn't see a single deer in that whole unit for the 3 days I could tolerate until moving to a different unit.
Yep heard a bunch of stories similar to that .! A lot won’t try to recover the animal if it doesn’t go down right away or not give it enough time to expire.! On The carcasses I found if they had skinned and picked out the would have also had to have debone all the meat cause the bones were all there legs,head and the head has to travel with the met to show proof of sex but u never know how other people think..!!!

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Ah well, I was trying to give them the benefit of the doubt but yeah not a lot of people go full out debone on a deer in Texas.
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