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Four Point
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Default Water in Diesel- Tractor

I guess all this rain this month leaked into my Diesel tank.

Tractor was running fine, filled her back up, then made it about another 100 yards before dying.

Checked my supply tank, and it was an awful creamy rust color and smelled nothing like diesel. Drained the tractor tank until i got clear red diesel and the tank was almost empty.

I picked up a new set of filters and some Howes fuel treatment that should help emulsify any left over water. Anything else I need to be doing to get her back up and running?

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Ten Point
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Break the lines loose and spin it over until you get clean diesel from the injector lines. Get that water out of the pump ASAP before it starts to rust the internal components of the pump and or injector bodies and you have hard parts failing. Tighten the lines and cross your fingers that nothing is damaged and find the point of entry of the water.
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What kind of tractor? Year make model? And a general rule of thumb, the new ones run very tight tolerances and high fuel pressures, along with all the EPA crap, and you may be better off taking it in. If it was older, prior to EPA stuff, I would say pull lines, pump clean diesel through them, bleed the system, then hope for the best. Older will run lower pressure pumps and might be okay.
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If its got a hand pump you can use it instead of cranking on it . Loosen lines pump until clean fuel is coming out . As well when I was working on these as a day job the use of ATF in your filters when you change them is a great way to clean internal fuel system as ATF is a high detergent .

Water in the fuel is not uncommon happens on a regular basis really for countless reasons.

New filters drain the fuel your on the right track .

and as stated find where the water got into the system . Fuel cap is the most common , crazy but I have seen more plastic bags and rubber bands where a fuel cap should be .. I just shake my head .
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