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Pope & Young
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Default Old Recurve info?

My dear departed father-in-law gave me two old recurves (only have a pic of one). Can anybody tell me some background on it or if it has any value as a shooter or looker? Thanks
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Pope & Young
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Groves bows were out of New Mexico and later in Arizona I believe. Harold was big on performance and used what he called dyna flex fiberglass in the limbs. He made his own fiberglass and made it in circles instead of flat. He told me once that the glass thickness another bowyer would use to make a 50# bow, his circular glass would make a 70# bow. His bows held many flight records back in the day. I've owned several of his bows and still have one but it's not shootable. They were very prone to twisting and almost every one I owned did just that. They were fine bows though, smooth, non stacking and of course, very fast.
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Excellent boyer
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Mike Murphey
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Is Harold still alive? I saw him at his shop/house in New Mexico several years ago and stayed in touch but I have not heard from him in a long time...
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