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Ten Point
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Default Magnus black hornet or DirtNap DRT single bevel

Think I have it narrowed down to these two. Both 4 blade. Looking for a cut on contact with a larger diameter in this price range. Any experience with either?
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Ten Point
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No experience with the DRT.

I shot one doe with the Black hornets at 16 yards through the knuckle into her heart. Knocked out the bleeder blades and bent the ferrule to almost 90 degrees. I gave the other two in the pack away.

I went back to slick tricks. I refuse to shoot another broadhead with an aluminum ferrule.

Your mileage may vary.
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Ten Point
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Default Black Hornet

I shot a doe last year with the Black Hornet. The Back Hornet held up pretty well. Entered into the shoulder and exited other side just above the elbow. I don't recall what all it hit internally as far as bone. I have yet to work the blade to see if I can get it sharp again. Both bleeder blades came through intact. I'm not worried about it because of their excellent warranty. Last year I also bought DRTs but in the double bevel design. I hope to shoot something with the DRT this season.

She ran about 40 yards and was done.

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Eight Point
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No experience with DRTs but the Black Hornets are ridiculously sharp and hold a heck of an edge. I practice with them out to 100 yards for fun. They fly true.
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