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Four Point
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Default Wireless Game Cameras

I'm looking to buy two AT&T wireless game cameras that will send pictures straight to my phone. I'm new to the whole wireless camera game. What are the top preforming brands to look at. I'm not too worried about the price as I would rather pay more up front for a quality camera that I know will work.
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Plain Lucky
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6.5 shooter
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I’m looking for a good one too.
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Eight Point
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Covert is danged good. I have two Spypoints that I have been very happy with as well. I believe the Coverts will allow you to force a picture in real time though. Spypoint will not do that. If that is important to you then I would definitely say go with the Covert.
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Four Point
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I have a spypoint dark and its ok.

The quality is not as clear as on the computer and feel like sometimes it should be taking more pictures but not having to go to the stand everyday to pull a card is amazing.

I was planning on getting a spartan next but will look into covert
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I have Spartan and have not used any other with that said read my post below on what I just went through.. I think its getting better with Spartan . I can say that the pic quality distance is great very clear bright the app works great .

They now offer data and credits through Spartan that is new . SO you do not have to deal with ATT it can be all done through the portal from spartan

day time
Untitled by GMR Performance, on Flickr

night you can see it will light up a large area

Untitled by GMR Performance, on Flickr
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