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Nubbin' Buck
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Default Doe Hunt for the upcoming season

Does anyone know of, or have, any doe hunts available for this upcoming season? I would prefer to Bow Hunt, but can rifle hunt too if that opens up any other doors. I'm in DFW and wouldn't mind driving 3-4 hours.

I'd like to be able to just take a doe, spike, etc. without paying for all of the bells and whistles of the higher end hunting lodges. if anyone has does they need help taking out I'll happily pay up.
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Eight Point
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Same here. And I don't care to hunt horns, cause I've killed plenty to keep my happy for a lifetime. Just want the thrill of the hunt and some meat.

Depending on your budget, I hope to hunt London Oaks in January. Strictly archery and you'll spend $1500 for 2 -does and three days hunting. But it's a great place and great people.
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