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Default Irrigation Design Question

Working through an irrigation design for my home and have a question.

I have 3/4 pvc sch40 supply line to house. I have ~55psi static. I can bucket test to 12GPM through a hose bib (which exceeds recommended flow rate of 5 ft/sec of 3/4" pvc). Pipe charts recommend 8GPM MAX, which I feel limits my options for my sprinkler system design.

I want to design my irrigation system with 1" PVC Mains and Tee it close to the meter (to limit pressure loss in the longer 3/4" service line). My other option is to design the system at 8 GPM and T the 3/4" closer to the house.

Question: If I Tee the 3/4 service pipe 2-3ft from the meter and design my irrigation system at 9-10gpm, could that damage my home plumbing system inside the house(upstream of of the T)? I would think the 2-3ft section of 3/4" pvc would take the brunt of higher flow damage (if any). I know the irrigation system 1" piping would see a water hammer when the valve shuts, but would the pressure spike all the way back though the long run of 3/4" to the house and interior plumbing?

Any advice appreciated. Also, is it common to slightly exceed the 5 ft/sec pvc rule? Thanks!
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What’s the backflow requirement there? If you have an rpz I would think any pressure variation in irrigation line vs supply line will cause the device to dump and not effect pressure in the supply line side.
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