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Pope & Young
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Default Lucky dog story!!

Iíll have to leave out several details because this is a long story. Several years ago we had a dog the vet called a miracle dog. It ate a small stuffed animal and it was logged in its intestine. I gave it a bunch of mineral oil for the advice of K9trainer on here and just minutes before surgery he passed it.

Fast forward to 3 weeks ago our new dog that is a rescue dog and the best dog we have ever owned ate a ball. I found out about it 24 hours later. I called K9trainer and asked advice again knowing I would hear the same. I gave our dog several doses of mineral oil and kept a close eye on him for a few days. He did go a couple of days without going to the bathroom but otherwise acted normal.

In the last few weeks he acted pretty normal but has thrown up a couple of times which is abnormal. Then tonight just as we are fixing our plates for dinner he starts acting like he was going to throw up so I was trying to get him outside when he threw up the ball he ate 3 weeks ago.

Just crazy how this did not get into his intestines like what happened to our previous dog. We are all relieved now also since our kids love this dog more than anything. We all learned lessons and hopefully this wonít happen again.

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Eight Point
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crazy. Glad he is ok.
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My Lacy ate animal poop(amoebic infection), grasshoppers(bacterial infection), aluminum foil(mineral oil), rubber glove)mineral oil) and a couple other "things". She will be 15 in May so, other than money, she came out all right.
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