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Default Camera Lens Recommendation.

Just took the plunge into the camera world. Picked up a Canon EOS R6 with a 20x105 lens. Obviously this lens is not going to shoot very far. The more I read and watch YouTube videos the more confused I get-
Lol. Im not concerned about bird photography, but what lens in the 500-600 mm range would yall recommend? Mainly for deer, hogs, etc at 200 yards - ish. Thanks. Any help or advice greatly appreciated!
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Pope & Young
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200 yards is a absolute poke for a lens and if you are wanting good photos during prime hunting time then this is what you would want lol

With a f4 stop you’ll lose alittle bit of time early/late

These are more realistic lenses for 150ish (absolute max) and in with good lighting

This I’d say 75-100 and in by zooming/cropping during editing

Edit: sorry went into that without knowing your price range.

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ATX Tyler
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If you don't want to spend an absolute fortune (which is really what you need for 200 yard wildlife shots), then your best bets would be either the Canon 100-500mm RF lens, or you could get a third party lens and use the RF to EF lens adapter. That opens up the 150-600mm options from either Sigma or Tamron.
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Pope & Young
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The Canon 100-500 RF lens is outstanding. I use it on my R5 and am more than happy with it.

Here are a few photos from that lens, all hand-held.

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