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Default Target recommendations

I am shooting easton axis with the hit insert. I was recommended to shoot with the easton broadhead adaptor rings to protect the end of the carbon shaft. With the rings I have to use 11/32 field points. I learned the hard way to not shoot them into a bag target! I can shoot them into my yellow jacket broadhead target but they are hard to remove. Just looking for a good target that is easy to remove the arrows with this kind of setup Name:  20190729_191819.jpg
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Eight Point
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I picked up a dice target made by morrel. It works good easy removal of arrows, but still barely stops my Full Throttles arrows. Is the only complaint.
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I don't have one, but I hear the Block 6x6 is pretty good for easy arrow removal. I personally shoot the Rinehart Rhino Block. I wouldn't say its "easy" to pull the arrows, but it is one tough target and I expect it to last me at least a year or so. Even longer with the replaceable insert.
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Rinehart 18 in 1s are super nice and last forever!
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Try soaping your arrow, it might help enough that your current target will work
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No reason to shoot the rings with field points. Why endure pain you donít need to. Have shot Axis for 10+ years and never once used the BARs. Never had a shaft split on end either. The BARs are only necessary for IMO poorly designed broadhead ferrules which have a small chamfer on them. And for those who didnít chamfer their arrows correctly to begin with.
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