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Pope & Young
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Default Editing Software Recommendations?

Looking for a photoshop type program to edit on my own, no videos, just stills. Main thing I would use it for is to remove objects from my pics.

Looked at Photoshop and you can use it for a week free, but then it is $21 per month and no way I would get a return on that "investment".
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Ten Point
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The adobe package I started with was $9.99/mo and included Lightroom also. After using them both, there’s no way I would ever go back.
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Look at Gimp
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Bill M
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The $21 should be for Lightroom and Photoshop.
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Nubbin' Buck
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I've used Lightroom as well. Photoshop has more tools for photo manipulation, while Lightroom is more designed for photo tuning. Lightroom is exceptional for color balance, adjusting horizon (i.e. if your camera was slightly tilted, so that, for example, the ocean surface is angled in the photo, you can use the "leveling tool" to tilt the image just enough to put the ocean surface straight across the photo), watermarking, and a host of other adjustments, some of which I haven't figured out yet.

On the low-cost end, GIMP2 is to Photoshop what Open Office is to Microsoft Office. It's a free download, open-source Graphics Image Manipulation Program. My son steered me towards it when I needed some of the features Photoshop has that Lightroom does not offer. He has used it quite a bit, since he's done some image manipulation for a number of projects, but hasn't had the disposable income to invest in Photoshop.
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If you don’t need the latest check FleaBay to see if there is an earlier release available that you can buy without the monthly charge. That’s what I did when I needed video editing software.
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