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Nubbin' Buck
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Default tripod stand

any one have a set of good plans for a 16' tripod stand?
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Texas Grown
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I don't have plans. But here are some pics of the "break-down" one I built. It stands 10' to the platform. Each leg section has 2 sections, so the stand can be set at a 5' to the platform height, as well. The legs are set at 60/120 degree angles. The leg mateial is 18 ga, but you may find 16 ga cheaper. The seat swivel is a 1" x 3" bolt welded to the bottom of the seat frame, and the seat post has a 1" nut welded to the top, so the seat can be screwed into the post and swivels. Be sure to use a zink coated or stainless bolt and nut to prevent from rusting. either can be welded to carbon steel. Wish I had taken pics of assembly.
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Ten Point
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Im in process of building a 10ft tri-pod right now, mainly from scrap material. I would make it taller but this is a poor mans stand and the legs are the expensive part.
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Pope & Young
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I know this is DIY section, but I bought one, yes bought, at Academy for cheap! Stands were on specail
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