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Default Lucky Buck Deer Mineral

Has any one tried the Lucky Buck deer minerals? This product has great reviews on Cabelas web site. I live in southeast Kansas and after 2 years of drought here I am looking for something to help jump start the racks on my hunting properties. In my area 150-160" racks are pretty common, but with the droughts I think the racks are down a little as to a couple years ago. Thanks for any input you might have!
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Tried it a couple times. Didn't have any more luck with it that a homemade mix or a plain old mineral block. Haven't found any product yet that is better than any other, or that makes em go crazy to get the stuff. Research hasn't shown any definite proof that mineral products make any real difference in most places. Helps to keep them in an area and they love the salt content. But no real evidence that minerals grow bigger racks. I think you'd get the same result with good protein and natural browse that is fertilized and limed.
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I've had excellent results using it for an attractant . Don't really have a quantitive way to tell if it's helping with the size of the racks or not. I do know that this time of the year they are tearing it up at my cameras. I order from the manufacturer.
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Anyone else have luck or experience with this? Curious as the have a 2 year no questions asked guarantee or your money back
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