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Default Electrical Question... RV vent fan on solar

My camper sits at deer camp all year, baking in the STX sun during the summer. It stays plugged in to keep the fridge cold, but we are not to have anything else running while away. I have an idea to use the roof vent in the bathroom to draw out hot air from the camper (seems like it has a pretty good flow rate for this job). Plan is to use a 12v battery mounted inside and 12v solar charging panel (would a feeder charger work?) along with a thermostat switch to kick it on at say 85 F. My question is how do I wire it up so that I can do this, but also use it normally when Iím at camp?
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I think you would be better off using 110v power as your main source and no new wiring. I believe campers convert it to 12v so all you do is install a 12v timer right at the fan. Then just set it to turn on at 2pm or so and turn off a 8pm. This timer has an override switch for manual use.

Otherwise you will need a big solar panel and battery, then just run the 12v wires up to fan with same timer.

You may want to vent an east facing window to draw in the cooler shaded air.
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