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Default Vertix vs SR6

Disclaimer: I am no expert by any means!

I shot both bows today and here is my take on them:
Both set at 28". 70# on the vertix, #64 on the SR6

Vertix: The grip is the best part of this bow to me. Absolutely awesome grip. Draw was smooth (as expected). Dropped off into the valley very quick and it's a shallow valley. Very quiet. No vibration. Jumped pretty hard when letting it down.

SR6: Grip was not as comfortable, but at full draw they were equal. Draw was smoother than the vertix (#64 vs #70). I did not notice the "hump" I have read about. Holding at full draw felt very natural. Louder than the vertix plus a little vibration that dissipated quickly (still very quiet for what it is). I took my 454grain arrows and it quieted it down some vs whatever the shop had me shooting. When letting down, you almost had to push it forwards. Definitely not your average "speed bow".

Final thoughts: Basically a neck and neck race. I am leaning on buying the SR6, everything just felt right. I am going to wait to shoot a #70 and see if I still feel the same way. Definitely going to shoot both again before I make a final decision. I will also update here when I make that decision.

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