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Pope & Young
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Default Limpopo South Africa Sept 14-24th

This is going to be a LONG posting.

This trip was planned in 2015, but due to a job change, it did not happen until this past September as my retirement trip.

I last hunted with Harry Nel with African Arrow Safaris in Sept 2012. This next trip I wanted a Cape Buffalo and a Sable. Due to a job change and unable to go in 2016. 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 getting shut down by Covid, I finally made it back in Sept of 2012 as my retiremnt trip from my beautiful and loving and understanding wife, Jan.

Talking to Harry earlier in the year, he quoted me a price for a Roan, Sable and a Cape Buffalo. We agreed, the wife reluctantly agreed and I booked my flights. Arrive in Jo'berg on the 13th of Sept and start my return on the 24th.

Now getting things together. I had major left shoulder surgery on Nov 3 2020 and had not shot my bow since October 2020. I backed the weight off by 2 full turns thinking it would be around 64 maybe 65#'s. Wrong! Due to string stretch it was around 60 or so I thought. I had pain on the draw and could not hold the bow steady at full draw. I seriously thought about canceling the flight and the hunt, but decided to stay after it. i went to the closest shop, Nocked and Loaded in Killeen and chronographed the arrows I was going to use for the Cape as I was going to have 2 sights and 2 sets of arrows. My regular whitetail arrows for the Roan and Sable and arrows for the Cape. My Cape arrows were 775 grain with 27.2% FOC that chroned at 214 at 65#'s. Tipped with a 220 grain Tuffhead singe bevel head. Unfortunately I hard a problem at 65#'s so I backed off to 60#'s and left it there. I figured my Cape arrows were traveling 200 FPS. I was using the EZ V sight for my Cape arrows and a Garmin sight for my regular whitetail arrows. The EX V sight was the reason fo needing to know the FPS of my Cape arrows. The 200 fps insert worked like a charm out to 30 yards for the 775 grain Cape arrows.

I arrived late on the 13th to Jo'berg and we did not get to Harry's until close to midnight. After a couple of drinks at the bar with Garry, my guide for the stay and a very good guide and very close friend, I hit the hay. We slept in the nexr morning and had a leisurely breakfast and then headed out to check out some hides and waterholes. We saw a bunch of animals but nothing on my kill list.

The first day was a great opening day but nothing on my kill list. Same on then 15th.

The 16th was a different day. Sitting in a blind we get a text from Harry to hurry over to a different blind as he has seen a trophy Roan in the area of thi blind and water hole. As Garry and i drive up to this blind and waterhole, the Roan exits the opposite direction. Knowing nothing about a Roan, but seeing this Roan I just knew he was HUGE! Garry confirmed my guess. The Roan returned after we got settled in, but would not offer shot. Eventually he walked away and laid down about 75 yards from the water in the shade, then he got up and disappeared. About 2 hours later, he comes meandering in to the water but no shot. I was prepared with an arrow knocked and standing waiting for a good shot. We were in an elevated blind, which I hate shoting out of, but he finally offered a broadside shot. I was clam, drew back and settled the
Garmin in the correct shpot and shot. Jerked the living HELL out of the shot and center punched the guts! He immediately started bleeding but i knew I had screwed up. Talk about ******, I was ******! We tracked him for a ong time, jumped him 3 times with no shot opportunity. I finally told Harry if you get a chance put him down. He was going to die, but when and where. Being such a magnificent animal, I did not want him to suffer any longer. Harry caught him crossing a opening and make a killg shot with his rifle. YES he shot it with a rifle, but I was in acceptance of this without any problems. I made a horrible shot and did not want the Roan to suffer anymore.

I had no idea that these animals were as large and as beautiful as they are. Very majestic and beautiful. Harry and Garry were elated and this thing was HUGE!

I had the first of my 3 animals down and could not be happier. On to the Sable.

Follow for part 2 tomorrow, Limpopo South Africa Part 2,the Sable.

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Pope & Young
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Good start. Congrats on that beauty
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Pope & Young
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Thumbs up

ohhhhhhhh......hey to Harry!!!!! Definitely a first class PH and family!!!
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Pope & Young
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Beautiful animal....Congrats!!
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Dang! No wonder you came back on here. Congrats! Thanks for sharing it.
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Nice, congratulations.
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Ten Point
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Harry and Garry are great people! congrats on the Roan!
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Pope & Young
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Excellent Roan! I know the feeling of having the PH finish off an animal for you; mine was my Kudu. It wasn't the way I had it planned, but he's hanging on my wall right now! Congratulations!!
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